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Mikeš – Hotel for Cats | Cats in Prague
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Mikeš – Hotel for Cats

Mikeš Hotel for Cats offers accommodation for your pets in Prague's quarter of Jinonice. If you need to leave your cat behind while you go on vacation, or for whatever reason, and you want to make sure that it will be in the very best of hands while you are away, contact the Mikeš Hotel for Cats in Prague 5. At the Mikeš Hotel for Cats they are aware that sometimes cats can suffer when separated from their owners and home environment, so they do their best to create a fun and entertaining, yet safe and comfortable retreat. This very reasonably-priced cat hotel consists of two rooms with windows and spacious cat hutches. In each hutch there is a cat bed (or owners can bring their cat's own bed from home), a litter box, food and water bowls, toys, a shelf and a scratcher. Owners can bring their cat's own things from home, including litter and food if they like, or use the excellent supplies available at Mikeš. Based on owner agreement in advance, the cats can come out of thier hutches to explore the room, even in the company of a select group of other cats and supervised always by a watchful caregiver, to play in the catroom. Cats often have more fun at Mikeš than at home, making new friends and exploring new places, giving them their own vacation while you are away! Large climbing and scratching posts as well as a variety of entertaining toys are provided. A varied range of cat food is available at this excellent Prague 5 cat hotel but owners are also welcome to bring food from home so that cats can continue eating what they are used to. If you are leaving for vacation, accommodate your cat at the Mikeš Hotel for Cats and be sure they will be in good hands. Thanks to the friendly atmosphere your cat might not even notice that you have been gone for a few days!

Butovická 17, Praha 5 Jinonice, +420 251 613 178, +420 737 684 856, +420 603 550 980, www.kocka-hotel-praha.cz


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