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Are you looking for a yoga studio, where you can not only practice yoga, but also find your true self? Then visit the Shala Prague studio located right in the center of Prague between the Dancing House and Karlovo náměstí Square. The intriguing word “shala” means a place to practice yoga in Sanskrit. This is what Shala Prague truly is – a place where you can get to know what the art of yoga is really all about. The studio’s excellent team of yogis, led by Denisa Sengerová, is here to guide and teach about what yoga can do for your mind, body, and soul. Their carefully put together program contains something for every level of proficiency, from complete beginners to advanced students who want to further their practice. Your body will become stronger by practicing the asanas and through the ashtanga ancient system of spiritual development. Stop by the Shala Prague studio and start your yoga journey today.

Trojanova 18, Praha 2,, 


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