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James Hair is a reputable beauty salon in Prague located in Žižkov. James Hair salon presents a winning combination of friendly, professional service, creative ingenuity with hair design and a comfortable interior with a relaxed atmosphere. The talented team of stylists at James Hair, headed by James himself, attend regular seminars and competitions in the Czech Republic and abroad, ensuring that they are always on top of what’s going on in the world of hairstyling. James runs one of the most prestigious salons in Prague and has years of international experience including hairstyling in England, New York and Prague. The philosophy at James Hair is to provide people with unique and stylish cuts that can be easily maintained so you can feel sexy and confidant with great hair! James Hair has had the great opportunity to cut the famous locks of Cherie Blair, Mary McAlesse, Katerina Neumanová, Kirstin Dunst, Dana Morávková and many other local celebrities. If you are searching for a professional, talented and friendly hair stylist in Prague, James Hair is the place for you.

Kostnické náměstí 719/2, Praha 3, +420 602 171 016, www.jameshair.cz


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