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If you are looking for a perfect makeover or new hairdo head straight to the Libor Šula salon where Libor Šula’s team of professionals concentrate more on the effort not to change people by giving them some strange wacky haircut, but to accentuate the beauty that is already apparent in the client and to highlight that beauty with gorgeous flattering hair and makeup. Not only do clients flock to Libor Šula to get their hair professionally done, they also go for the relaxing atmosphere of the calming salon and its beautiful interior. Libor Šulahas two locations in Prague, one in Old Town and the other in Vinohrady. The salon in Old Town features as well a luxury spa where you can simply relax and be pampered. The professional team of hairdressers is considered the best not only in the Czech Republic, but in all of Europe as well. Not only is the team highly respected, Libor Šula is something of a celebrity and icon among Czech women and the show business industry. Libor Šula's hair studio in Prague is so popular that one usually has to book months in advance.

Dušní 6, Praha 1, +420 224 817 575, +420 224 811 822; Italská 5, Praha 2, +420 602 386 377;


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