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Get prepared to sweat! Certified Bikram Yoga teacher Tereza Bonnet Šenková, a former contemporary and Moulin Rouge dancer, who studied under Bikram Choudhury in Los Angeles and obtained a Bikram Yoga Instructor certificate, runs Bikram Yoga. It is interesting to note that Tereza Bonnet Šenková recovered from a double hip surgery in the past after only two months of Bikram Yoga and was able to return to her dancing career, proof of the long list of Bikram Yoga benefits. Bikram Yoga is becoming a more and more popular workout option for people interested not only in physical health but also mental health as well. Bikram Yoga has an extensive list of health benefits including getting rid of job or emotional stress, high cholesterol, lethargy, lack of energy and sleep disturbances; Bikram Yoga also helps with sports injuries, chronic illness, back pain, headaches and migraines, weight loss, crosstraining or sports conditioning, carpal tunnel syndrome and much more. All of these health benefits are the result of Bikram Yoga which is a combination of heat (105 degrees Fahrenheit, 40 degrees Celsius helps make your muscles more elastic while raising your heartbeat, providing a cardio workout as well) and specific yoga moves. Bikram Yoga is recommended for everyone; classes have 10 opening spots for beginners but it is necessary to book 24 hours in advance. The spacious studio is comfortable and light; you can rent a towel, an exercise mat or buy a water - everything you need is there. Classes are held in Czech and in English. Babysitting is also available at Bikram Yoga, so even mothers on maternity leave can come for a workout - please check the schedule online.


Na Pankráci 121, Praha 4, +420 224 222 892,


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