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Located in the Smichov district of Prague is My Pilates Academy, a spacious wellness studio that features four rooms for Pilates exercise complete with exercise aids and more; some of the rooms have professional Pilate’s machines that insure a physically safe and more intensive workout. My Pilates Academy also features private showers and locker rooms complete with locks. Towels are free of charge. Pilates is a proven technique that can shape your body in the quickest amount of time with the least amount of work. The overall lean effect Pilates has on your body is very popular and sought after as the stretching exercises maximize and strengthen your core muscles without the appearance of bulkiness. Pilates is based on accuracy, which is why the Pilates rooms feature walls of mirrors in order for you to see how you control your body and your mind. Pilates is an exercise that can be everyone, regardless of previous experience, age or sex. My Pilates Academy offers classes for everyone, including beginners. If you are patient with Pilates you will see the overall effect it will have on your body’s condition, shape alongside your mental health. You will start carrying yourself differentially, even walking in a more confident while calm method.  

Ostrovského 253/3, Praha 5, +420 602 603 603, 


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