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Pure Spa & Health Club, situated in Le Palais Hotel in Vinohrady is a divine treat for the body and soul. Descend the spiral staircase, leave your cares behind, and let the pampering begin! The luxurious and spacious Pure Spa & Health club encompasses over 580 square feet and features 5 therapy rooms, one of which is a spacious and quiet couple room for exclusive joint sessions. The rooms, which include two massage rooms and a room with a Hammam bed, are peaceful and tranquil with simple décor including candles and paintings. The spa also offers adequate space for relaxing with lounge chairs, super soft blankets, refreshments (tea, water, juice) and much more. Pure Spa is the only spa in Prague to use Ligne St. Barth, the finest natural cosmetics, made in St. Barthélemy in the French Caribbean. The elixirs and cosmetics are made with exotic oils and selected herbs and contain high quality ingredients from exotic plants, blossoms and fruits including pineapple, papaya, cucumber and more. All of the elixirs can be customized for each individual skin type. If you so happen to fall in love with the natural cosmetics-and you will-they are available to purchase (the Vanilla Body Lotion- LAIT HYDRATANT is scrumptious enough to eat) and would make a great gift for that friend’s upcoming birthday. Pure Spa offers many treatments including facials (with exotic fruits and herbs), peelings (sea-salt, yogurt and papaya, plus more), full body treatments (classical massage, hot stone therapy), partial body treatments and body masks. Pure Spa has business breaks- short sessions, a perfect break from a stressful day. Pure Spa features the exclusive Free Floating in the Softpack System, where you will experience the true sensation of weightlessness by ‘floating’ on water without getting wet! For additional relaxation you can visit the health center where you will find a whirlpool, sauna, steam bath and aroma showers. It is recommended to arrive at Pure Spa 15 minutes before your appointment to familiarize yourself with the spa and to enjoy a fresh brewed cup of tea to start your relaxation process. Pure Spa provides a towel, bathrobe, flip-flops and single use underwear for your session. Isn’t it a relief that all you have to do is show up? Enter the world of relaxation that is Pure Spa, unwind and let yourself be pampered. It is no wonder that Pure Spa has been labeled the best luxury spa in Prague!

The competent team at Pure Spa, which went through intensive training will be glad to help you in choosing the right treatment for your needs, whether it be a well being massage for relaxation of the body and soul, or a luxury procedure for ultimate radiance. Please inform Pure Spa in case of high blood pressure, heart problems, physical problems and diseases or pregnancy so they can recommend a special treatment for you. Pure Spa is open daily from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m. The Health Club is open daily from 7 a.m. till 10 p.m.

Enjoy a fine dining experience at Le Papillon restaurant, located in the hotel complex, after a relaxing day at the spa.



 U Zvonařky 1, Praha 2, +420 234 634 111, www.lepalaishotel.eu



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