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Pivní Lázné ZOTO - Beer Spa ZOTO

Located in the center of Old Town is the new Pivní Lázné ZOTO. In a country with such a rich spa tradition and priceless brewing techniques, it is only natural that this folk sensation has started to circulate in the land of hops. If we, however, look into history, we will find that the tradition of soaking in a beer spa goes back to ancient India 4000 years ago while the tradition of beer brewing goes back to the ancient Sumerians in 7000 BC. Immerse yourself in a warm whirlpool bath of hot water enriched with hops, malt and living cultures of brewery yeast that have a rejuvenating effect on your skin and more. After you sit in the beer bath for 20 minutes you are then moved to a relaxation area where you will rest on an oat bed for 25-30 minutes while your body sweats out toxins. That is why there is evidence that beer baths improve your immunity, circulation and movement. As an extra-added bonus you can drink a cooled lager while you are in the beer bath as there are beer taps located next to the wooden vats. It is important to note that people with high blood pressure and allergies should speak with their doctor before they try a beer bath.

Masná 5, Praha 1,+420 222 316 742, www.pivnilaznezoto.cz



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