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More Than Pilates is a relaxation and beauty center located in Prague 5. At More Than Pilates it is possible to practice the art of Pilates, an exercise system made up of 500 different smooth and flowing exercises or stretches. This art is also known as the only form of exercise that is capable to get your body in shape in record time with the least effort. As it is with the art of yoga, Pilates is also designed to enhance your mind while strengthening your body. Pilates concentrates on the core strength and flexibility of your body with low impact exercises that are very intensive. Like yoga, the combination of correct breathing and stretching enhances the workout. The Pilates method is an extremely popular field of exercise as the end result produces a long, muscled and lean body without unnecessary bulk. The most common way of doing Pilates is on an exercise mat with Pilates balls, however More Than Pilates features the Ultimate Pilates Reformer Workout, a workout based on an apparatus that is a sliding platform built into a framework of springs, pulleys and straps. The Reformer apparatus provides an even more intense Pilates workout than with a regular exercise mat and also insures that you are doing the exercises correctly in order not to harm your body by guiding and supporting your weight. The Reformer workout (available in private lessons or in a group) is headed by certified Pilates instructors that have combined years of experience. More Than Pilates also offers full-body massages.

Náměstí 14. října 13, Praha 5, +420 224 241 322, 


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