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Salon Praha by Michal Zapomel

Michal Zapomel is a true young Czech guru of hair design, a holder of the "Best Hairdresser and Colorist of the Czech and Slovak Republic" award and the head of a well-established hairdressing studio located in the Prague area of Karlín. Zapomel was born in a small village near Pilsen and was fascinated by hair from his early childhood. It wasn't, however, until after graduating from the secondary school of food & hospitality that he realized that hair was, in fact, his life destiny. Having realised that, he quickly passed all the necessary exams and became a certified hairdresser. In order to gain all the experience and knowledge needed to start his own hairdressing studio, Zapomel traveled widely and worked in hair studios in the US, UK, Italy, France and other countries - the rest is hair history! Salon Praha by Michal Zapomel offers top hairdressing services including the creation of magical hairdos and make-up for weddings and other social events, complete image makeovers, hair lengthening, hair advice, loyalty bonuses, and much more. If you decide to visit Zapomel's hair studio, you will surely be impressed by its elegant interior designed by Zapomel himself. Head over to Salon Praha for a cut or style and let the best of young Czech hair design impress you.

Pernerova 31/A, Praha 8, +420 739 396 752,


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