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Are you thinking about what to do with your appearance? Do you wish for a more elegant and stylish look? Would you like to have your beard trimmed into a neat shape or to get a whole new style with some daring elements, such as a distinctive hair color, a mustache or a hair tattoo? Should any of those options interest you then you should pay a visit to BarberLand – where a whole team of professional barbers are waiting for you, boasting years of experience and unmistakable style. They will provide you with the finest barber services, starting the minute you walk in, ending the minute you leave – satisfied with your new look and with a smile on your face. BarberLand offers top-quality barber services including haircutting, hair coloring, shaving and facial hair trimming as well as head massages and facial wraps, a great offer of hair & beard care and styling products and also several tips about hair care and styling, which will help you look great every day. Moreover, this stylish establishment comprises a pleasant, tranquil and well-equipped relaxation zone, in which you can get a glass of quality whisky or a cup of coffee, check daily news, watch a sports match, carry out business and personal obligations and more. All this and more is situated on Krakovská Street, in the electrifying surroundings of Wenceslas Square, just a few minutes from the vast majority of Prague sites, stores, restaurants, cafes, bars and other essential spots. The interior of BarberLand is designed in an elegant Italian style, inspired by the atmosphere of great cities such as Rome, Naples or Milan. The one thing these bustling cities have in common is the fact that the local men are willing and able to treat themselves to quality hair and beard care quite regularly. Whether you are considering covering up some gray hair, getting a smooth shave with a razor, a new color or haircut, this Prague barber shop will provide you with the most meticulous care. In case you want to strengthen your self-confidence before an important business meeting, prepare for a social event of the year or simply obtain a permanently neat and stylish look, BarberLand is the real deal! 

Krakovská 1307/22, Praha 1, +420 603 300 115,


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