Prague's National Museum

Built by famous Czech Neo Renaissance architect Josef Schulz from 1885 to 1891, this impressive structure sits proudly atop of Wenceslas Square, the scene of so many important stepping-stones in Czech history. Lovingly Built for a varied collection of minerals, artifacts, bones, fossils, stuffed animals and more, the building has housed the collection for many damaged years. The collection has remained untouched and protected although the museum has seen its share of history and danger. Bombed during World War II, the museum reopened its massive doors in 1947 after an intensive reconstruction only to be shot at years later by Soviet machine guns during the Warsaw Pact. Many holes are still visual due to a poor renovation effort and the lighter sandstone that was used to patch the bullet holes. Further damage ensued due to the building of the Prague metro in 1972 and 1978. The Communist highway finished in 1978 has continued to curse the museum with constant vibrations, harmful dust, and high noise levels. Movie lovers will recognize the famous staircases in the main hall.

Wenceslas Square 1700/68 Praha 1, +420-224-497-111,

Address: Václavské náměstí 1700/68, Praha 1

In the Neighborhood

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