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Hangar Bar Praha

If you wish to partake in a night of partying in a rather unforgettable venue, do not miss Hangar Bar Praha where fans of aviation and history will simply love the setting. Located in the center of Prague's sought after and atmospheric Old Town is the equally atmospheric Hangar Bar Praha – where the magical world of aviation is celebrated. Hangar Bar Praha consists of two separate levels, the Hangar's Pilot Lounge and the Hangar Club. The Hangar's Pilot Lounge, on the upper level, takes its inspiration from the cherished early days of the passenger boom of the 1940s – 1960s, when Pan Am Airlines was first taking jet setters on memorable transatlantic flights. This was indeed a time of technical wonder, and the world was flying high, so to speak. You too can be flying high at Hangar Bar Praha, and with the lovely Pan Am stewardesses serving alcohol you will, in no time, be heading down aviation memory lane. The lounge boasts interesting interior decor that includes retro enamel signs advertising various destinations offered by Pan Am Airlines, and the body of a Clipper aircraft – an amazing aircraft that could land on water to re-fuel, therefore making long distances possible, such as crossing the Atlantic Ocean. The lower level of Hangar Bar Praha is home to the Hangar Club – this is where the party starts and flows into the wee hours of the morning. This specific space is dedicated to the Hollywood stunt pilots, WW2 pilots, and aircraft mechanics of the 1940 – 1950 era. Notice the star-shaped aircraft engine hanging behind the bar. The overall party atmosphere at the Hangar Club is made even more exciting by the entertaining bartenders shows – watch professional bartenders (dressed as pilots, of course) breathe fire and do various tricks with bottles and pouring techniques. Hangar Bar Praha can be rented for private parties, simply visit the website listed below for further information. If you are looking for a special place to drink tonight, make it the Hangar Bar Praha.

Dušní 9/9, Praha 1, +420 724 004 305, +420 602 251 392, www.hangarpraha.cz 


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