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M1 Lounge

Located in the hip city center of Prague close to the gorgeous Old Town Square is the super popular M1 Lounge, one of the best places to be seen doing the nightlife rounds in Prague. This stylish and happening place has it all and when the sun goes down you can be sure that all the beautiful people in the city flock to M1 searching for fun, good music to dance to, mischief, strong mouthwatering cocktails, smoking shishas and much more. And you can bet that M1 Lounge will deliver the goods, which is exactly why the lounge is a favorite of locals, expats and celebrities. The bustling and exciting atmosphere inside the lounge is made all the more memorable by the pulsating music that will have you swinging your hips all night long into the early morning hours of a pastel pink dawn. The music, provided by resident DJs is a dance friendly mix of R&B, hip hop, indie rock, house and more, and should you have any requests, the DJs are open to your music wishes. The owner of M1 Lounge, a native of New York and a practicing magician has made the interior a sleek and modern yet comfortable space with a large bar and a new luxurious VIP room for the hippest of the hip. His dynamic and unique vision has made M1 Lounge one of the best places to party in Prague with an extensive cocktail menu offering luscious drinks. The energetic club does have a dress code, so ensure that you are dressed to impress.

Masná 1, Praha 1, +420 227 195 235, www.m1lounge.com



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