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Nebe Cocktail & Music Bar

Located in the heart of historic Prague are the unique Nebe Cocktail & Music Bars. The Nebe Cocktail & Music Bar at Celnice and the original location at Křemencova, both two of the best bars in Prague 1, are set in ancient cellar spaces with vaulted ceilings and exposed brickwork, making the party atmosphere oh so much more intimate, atmospheric, and fun. The third Nebe, or Heaven, location is directly on fun-packed Wenceslas Square, right in the heart of Prague, making a night out ultra-easy and convenient, as well as just plain fun. This Nebe location features an amazing glowing-sphere light fixture set with angels, and distinctly Art Deco design all around the stylish bar to ensure that your Prague nightlife experience will be so very heavenly, as its name implies. All three Nebe Cocktail & Music Bar locations serve up a vast array of over 100 delicious, thirst-quenching cocktails plus beer and wine, and what is more, the prices are very affordable for the often over-priced city center. The professional team of bartenders skillfully, and often entertainingly, mix an array of bright colorful cocktails into the late hours of the morning providing their guests with delicious drinks and an unforgettable experience. The spacious Prague 1 bar areas quickly turn into large dance floors where you can dance the night away to pop, R&B and house music plus classic dance inducing 80s and 90s tunes. Open until the very wee hours of the morning, entrance to each Nebe Cocktail & Music Bar is free of charge, and the venues are also available for private company parties with snacks, music, video projections and special bar-tending shows included. Be sure to check out the Nebe Cocktail & Music Bar website for the latest details on opening hours and special events and upcoming guest djs, to make your next night out in Prague a night to remember!

Křemencova 10, Praha 1, +420 608 644 784. Václavské Náměstí 56, Praha 1, +420 608 644 784. V Celnici 4, Praha 1, +420 608 644 784.


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