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Tour Prague with local experts from Insight Cities. If you are the type of traveler who longs for educational tours of a city where you can really learn and take away something specific from a destination, then tours by Insight Cities are just for you. Insight Cities offers special tours in select cities of Europe and the United States; tours are led by professors, historians, doctoral students, journalists, art critics and published authors. These special tours are perfect if you are looking for a more in-depth tour of the beautiful city of Prague - or Vienna, Budapest and Berlin for that matter (and if you happen to be in the US, Insight Cities can show you around New York City, Boston or Seattle). The Insight Prague tours are truly varied and offer a little bit of something for everyone, especially history, art and architecture lovers. The walks offered by Insight Prague include Prague: An Introduction, Prague Castle: Glory, Power and Destruction, Stories of Jewish Prague, Art Nouveau and Cubist Architecture – Prague after 1900, The Cold War Years – Prague under Totalitarianism, The Prague Avant-Garde: Painting, Photography, Applied Arts, A Visit to the Town of Kutná Hora: The Coiners of Medieval Europe, Beer and Baroque: A High Brow Brew Tour, and Terezín. We highly recommend the Art Nouveau and Cubist Architecture tour, as well as the Prague under Totalitarianism tour. The tour guides working for Insight Cities are clearly passionate about Prague and their speciality subject matter– this is evident in their highly entertaining educational tours. Should you wish to dig deeper into Prague and the Czech Republic's complex history, tour the capital with Insight Cities. For further information please see their user-friendly website. 

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