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Prague Zoo

In the leafy hilly area of Troja sits the wonderful Prague Zoo. Ranked in 2008 by Forbes Magazine as the 7th Best Zoo in the World, it features a modest 111 acres, but houses over 5,000 animals from 630 different species and draws children and adults alike to partake in good educational fun. The Indonesian Jungle, which is currently breeding Komodo Dragons, a relatively new Sea Lion exhibit, and Monkey Island are among the newer additions to the zoo, but the popular Rothschild Giraffe breeding program, a brand new elephant enclosure and African animal area, as well as remodeled reindeer and moose enclosures show the zoo's ongoing commitment to excellence and draw thousands of visitors per year to see a wide variety of amazing animals, not least of whom are the hugely popular gorillas, with their successful breeding program which allows Prague to welcome newborn gorillas virtually every year. Watch out for Richard, the zoo's intimidating but entertaining male Silverback gorilla! The Prague Zoo is also famous for being one of the only facilities successfully breeding Przewalski Horses, and has contributed significantly in saving the species. A popular attraction of the zoo is also a ride on the local chairlift which transports visitors from the lower area of the zoo to the upper section. The zoo is a great option if you need a rest from the hustle and bustle of Old Town and is very close to the city center and easily accessible from the metro C station Holesovice. If you wish for a more exciting entrance, the zoo is a pleasant boat ride away down the Vltava; exit at Pristaviste Troja, head across the foot bridge, and walk around the gorgeous Troja Chateau to reach the zoo. Prague Zoo is a must-see for animal lovers of all ages! Check out the Zoo's informative website for further information including feeding times of specific animals and education programs.

U Trojského Zámku 3/120, Prague 7, +420 296 112 111,


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