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Mlsná kavka – vegetarian catering

If you are in need of non-traditional catering for your business or private event, contact the catering service of the vegetarian restaurant Mlsná kavka operated by the non-profit organization O.s. Green Doors. You can choose from three forms of vegetarian assortments; a small assortment for CZK 150 per person, a larger menu where the amount of food per person equals to a lunch or dinner for CZK 200 per person, and a varied menu in the luxury offer for CZK 250 per person. The meals at Mlsná kavka, a restaurant offering job opportunities for young people with schizophrenia, are very imaginative and prepared from seasonal ingredients. Besides food, Mlsná kavka catering also provides a drink service. If you are organizing a conference or a seminar, Mlsná kavka will supply fair trade coffee, teas and small sweet or salty snacks for your coffee break for CZK 50 per person. The prices include transportation and equipment such as porcelain, glasses or tablecloths. The catering service is provided for 30 and more people. More information about catering services in Prague can be found at

Sokolovská 327/29, 186 00 Praha 8, +420 777 128 759,


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