Hanabi Sushi House

Located in Prague's magical historic center, Hanabi is family to the Yami Sushi House and therefore offers the same huge menu with an amazing variety of traditional rolls and fusion rolls with new exciting culinary spins. The interior is clean, sleek and calm. You will find yourself returning time and time again with your friends to try new innovative rolls. Some interesting sushi rolls offered at Hanabi include the Seoul to Soul Roll (deep fried roll with tuna, cucumber, snow crab, flying roe fish, and teriyaki sauce with tempura sprinkles), the French Kiss Roll (fried shrimp in batter, salmon, tuna, Philadelphia cheese, flying roe fish, avocado, cucumber and snow crab with teriyaki and snow sauce), and the Surf and Turf Roll (marinated beef (bulgogi), snow crab, cucumber, Japanese omelet and black sesame seed).

 Petrská 11, 110 00 Praha 1, +420 222 324 634, www.ihanabi.cz

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Address: Petrská 11, 110 00 Praha 1

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