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Vytopna Restaurant | Prague for Children
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Vytopna Restaurant | Restaurant with Train Track
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Vytopna Restaurant

Do you and your little ones love trains? Are your little ones equally fascinated with toy trains? Why not treat your children and yourself to lunch or dinner at Vytopna (Boiler Room) Restaurant where the spacious tables are surrounded by a large toy train, train tracks, villages, bridges and more! Each table at Vytopna has a track in the middle of it, which enables drinks and snacks to be delivered to you by train after you order them. It is a really neat experience for children young and old when Vytopna is crowded as the train tracks become equally crowded and you will hear steam locomotives, freight trains, electric trains and more zoom by your table on their way to another thirsty customer. The food served at Vytopna is typical Czech fare for adults with international options for children with the children's menus doubling as a coloring page, which comes with a jar of colored pencils. Vytopna is extremely popular during the weekends and especially during the dreary wintertime. It is advisable to call ahead and book a table or make a reservation online through their website. Affordable lunch menus, air conditioning, free wi-fi connections, friendly staff, and the ability to choose between smoking and non-smoking sections make the Vytopna Restaurant in the heart of Prague enjoyable for everyone. This is one dining experience that you and your child will never forget!

Václavské Nám. 56 (Palác Fénix building), Praha 1, +420 601 374 680, www.vytopna.cz


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