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ROYAL Theatre & Club Chic

In case you want to take with you an unforgettable experience from Prague, visit Royal, a unique multipurpose cultural venue that boasts a whimsical atmosphere of the 1920s and an intriguing evening program dominated by the Prague Burlesque ensemble and its shows. These variety shows, full of enchanting Czech burlesque stars wearing amazing costumes that are created in cooperation with leading Czech fashion designers, embody a mix of originality and sprightliness that attracts people from all around the globe, and will be etched in your memory forever. It is no coincidence that, thanks to the Prague Burlesque ensemble and its professionalism, the city of a hundred spires ranks amongst world burlesque metropolises such as London, New York or Berlin. The evening program presented by Royal includes various shows as well as concerts, film projections, exhibitions and more, which is why everyone is truly able to find something special that suites them. The sophisticated program is not the only thing that you will fall in love with. A visit to Royal will transport you back to the fabulous times of the First Republic, for it is set in a splendid old movie theater, which was, as one of the largest and most modern of its time, established in 1929. Thanks to a meticulous reconstruction, the place has retained its grandeur to this day and will charm you with balconies with lovely stucco work, detailed woodwork, marble elements and fine-tuned furniture with red upholstery. Simply put, the atmosphere of the golden age of the Czech nation permeates the whole venue. In case you are searching for a place where to organize company parties, conferences and/or presentations or for a venue where you can screen your own films, host concerts, or other kinds of performances, you will hardly find a better place than Royal (with its stage, bar and auditorium). If you are a fan of whimsy, beauty, fun and relaxation, do not hesitate to drop by Royal and have the experience of a lifetime!

Vinohradská 48, Praha 2, +420 224 211 444,


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