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George Prime Steak

In the center of Prague's Old Town you will find George Prime Steak restaurant, the best steakhouse in Prague. This American style steakhouse has it all – delicious juicy prime steaks, fresh seafood, chef-driven entrees, robust wines from California, classic cocktails, and so much more. The mission of this restaurant is simple – to be the best steakhouse in Prague and to serve perfect steaks. This dedication has the restaurant using only the highest quality beef available (gold standard Black Angus USDA Prime Beef), from the Midwestern area of the United States. Purchased from reputable farms that believe in ethical treatment, the cattle are raised naturally on corn-based feed without hormones or antibiotics. The select beef cuts are then trimmed and wet-aged in house for no less than 30 days. Each steak is then made by professional experienced chefs who prepare the hunk of beef in the Czech Republic's only Montague Legend Broiler. This grill sears the steak at 650 degrees Celsius, all the while sealing in all the natural juices. The result? A perfect steak, tender and with a buttery texture, presented to you by friendly servers. To wrap things up, what more could you ask for? Perfect steaks, rich wines, and mouthwatering cocktails – all in all this place, in our opinion is an award-winning steakhouse! The interior is simple and elegant and features a main dining room and two private rooms, each of which is designed for unique dining experiences. Visit George Prime Steak today and sample Prague's best steak!

Platnéřská 19, Praha 1,+420 226 202 599, 


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