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U Maliru

Located in picturesque Mala Strana, not five minutes from the famous Charles Bridge, on an equally picturesque and tranquil square is the U Maliru Restaurant. Serving fine French cuisine, U Maliru was one of the first fine dining establishments to open in Prague and has kept the reputation of being one of the best. U Maliru is the perfect place to take your loved one for a romantic candlelit meal they will never forget. The interior is gorgeous, complete with ceiling murals, warm colors and rich furniture; it is the epitome of European class and style. The building that houses the famous restaurant dates back to the 16th century and has been meticulously renovated. U Maliru serves exquisite duck, game, beef, lamb, seafood and so much more. The wine list is extensive and as an extra-added plus, many ingredients are imported from France to ensure the authenticity of the meal. U Maliru is a lovely place to taste delicious food in a historic atmosphere.

Maltézské náměstí 11, Praha 1, + 420 257 211 014, www.umaliru1543.com


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