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Ovocný Světozor

Who among Prague’s residents would not know the Ovocný Světozor (Fruity Světozor) sweet shop chain with its offer of excellent cakes and other sweet delicacies and its renowned soft-serve strawberry-banana flavored ice-cream? Ovocný Světozor is renowned for its fruit cakes and ice-cream sundaes. Its offer also contains various whipped cream cakes and cheesecakes, pancakes and waffles, but lovers of savory dishes need not fear, for they can choose from delicious open-faced sandwiches, wholegrain pastries, and more. At the Ovocný Světozor branches you will of course also find a wide offer of warm and cold drinks including delicious milk shakes. All tortes, layer cakes, pastries and tarts come directly from the bakery of the operator of the Ovocný Světozor sweet shops, the Hájek a Boušová Company founded in 1992, so you can be sure that you are savoring quality sweets. The quality of Ovocný Světozor products is also evident from the fact that the company supplies cakes and various kinds of ice cream to select hotels, restaurants, cafes and sweet shops. All Ovocný Světozor sweet shops that can be found in Prague and its vicinity at 9 locations (the oldest and most famous being the one in the Světozor passage) which are open seven days a week. If you want your birthday party, wedding or other celebration to be complete, do not forget to order a cake from Ovocný Světozor!

Vodičkova 791/39, 110 00 Praha 1, tel.: +420 774 444 874, www.ovocnysvetozor.cz


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