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Vozovna Stromovka Restaurant

Located in the popular Stromovka park is the Vozovna Stromovka Restaurant. This little food mecca in the middle of the lush greenery is a haven for foodies, families, and thirsty guests. Operated by the Prague Belgian restaurant Les Moules, Vozovna Stromovka Restaurant not only boasts a prime location in the middle of one of Prague’s most beloved parks, it also boasts a fine selection of tasty food. The large menu features a variety of appetizers, crisp salads, main dishes and a children’s section as well. We recommend for a starter the grilled Munich white sausage served with mustard or the chicory salad with avocado, honey dressing and garlic croutons, if you wish for a lighter meal. For a main course we heartily recommend the pork ribs baked in tea and ginger with garlic baguette or octopus on the grill with Croatian djuvec. Vozovna Stromovka offers a scrumptious daily dessert guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. For families with little children it is important to note that there is a playground right next to the restaurant’s al fresco dining area. 

Královská obora 2, Praha 7, +420 725 123 705, www.vozovna-stromovka.cz 


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