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Můj Šálek Kávy

Můj šálek kávy – a true haven for coffee lovers! Located in the up-and-coming, charming neighborhood of Karlín, Můj šálek kávy (My Cup of Coffee in English) is operated by the Czech speciality coffee-roasting company Doubleshot, and is a true coffee hot spot. This is a rustic looking country-esque cafe where coffee is king, easy to see as soon as you look at the menu that features tasting notes for each type of coffee served. Doubleshot not only operates this cafe and supplies its majestic beans to other spots in the Czech Republic, they also supply their amazing coffee to cafes around the world, a true testament to the lovely dark magic we like to call their coffee beans. If you happen to be a coffee lover, order their tasting menu that allows you to pick three types of coffee on offer and sample each one. Whether you choose a strong dark cup of Bolivian coffee with notes of rich dark chocolate and juicy mango, or a simple, yet elegant shot of pure Ethiopian espresso, the choice is clear - Můj šálek kávy serves the best coffee Prague. Don't forget to pair your delicious cuppa with a homemade treat from the Prague-based Lanka Cakes Bakery.  

Křižíkova 105, Prague 8, +420 725 556 944, www.mujsalekkavy.cz


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