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Experimental venue NoD Roxy

The experimental venue NoD on the upper floor of the Prague club Roxy combines a theater space, gallery and a newly reconstructed café, where you can relax before or after an exceptional cultural event that you can be sure to experience here. The space is defined as an experimental venue, since it is open to art and social experiments. It is very versatile and besides theater performances also film and music productions take place here. Visitors become part of this unique space whether as observers or interactive participants. As part of the NoD theater production, especially projects of alternative theater across all genres are presented here – dance theater, nonverbal theater, etc., all of which are characteristic of experiment, innovation and progressiveness. Regularly, you can see the independent theater group Krepsko perform here with its unique nonverbal pieces containing elements of acrobatics and accompanied by great live music. You can also come to see one of the popular musicals of today here – Porn Stars, a show that offers an ironic view of the porno industry world. Mainly young Czech artists present their art at the Nod Gallery, which was opened in 2000. The café bar offers a pleasant space to relax and watch the bustling life on Douhá street. The space is open daily between 2 pm and 10 pm.

Dlouhá 33, Praha 1,


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