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Pivovar Bašta

Located in the residential area of Nusle, across from the Prague 4 City Hall and close to Náměstí Bratří Synků is Pivovar Bašta (in English, Basta Brewery). This is one of the best breweries that the city of Prague has to offer. With fresh, delicious beer made on the premises, a friendly wait staff, non-smoking interior and a large outdoor seating area, plus a large, super affordable menu, this is the place to sample the glories of Czech beer and traditional Czech cuisine (including elephant ear sized Schnitzels and grilled ribs). The brewery’s special beer is so delicious and strong that you will most definitely be returning time and time again, especially since the golden amber drink at this brewery is so amazingly good and so amazingly inexpensive. The brewery serves a 12° light beer (světlé) and a 12° semi-dark (polotmavé) brew that are both to die for. If you are feeling adventurous there is also a 16° light beer on tap. This place is a downright treat for beer lovers; just a word of warning – the beer is strong! If you happen to dine and drink indoors the beer is served on traditional ceramic coasters – a real throwback to past traditional beer pubs.  

Táborská 389/49, Praha 4, +420 602 295 403, www.ubansethu.cz/cz/pivovar 


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