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Looking for a unique place in the center of the city of one hundred spires for a great cocktail? If so, pay a visit tonight to AnonymouS Bar. This fun establishment, inspired by the cult classic V for Vendetta movie, features décor from the movie as well as comic books (don't be surprised if your server or bartender is dressed as a comic book hero or Guy Fawkes himself). The interior itself is intimate and rich – kind of Old World-esque if you will. AnonymouS Bar is worth visiting time and time again – first and foremost for the cocktails, secondly so you can keep noticing more and more décor references to the movie (the designers of the space have gone to a great effort to include even the smallest reference to V for Vendetta). This unique establishment is definitely a super setting for a night out on the town. At AnonymouS Bar you can enjoy a variety of fantastic cocktail drinks - haven't you always wanted Guy Fawkes to shake you up a cocktail? The bar list is complete with a great offer of wine, beer, delicious coffee, etc. Great ambiance, multilingual professional staff members that offer (anonymous) service, thirst-quenching cocktails – all in the center of Prague's charming Old Town – what are you waiting for? Pay a visit to their sister establishment, AnonymouS Shrink’s Office, for a little more of that interesting AnonymouS vibe in Prague.

Michalská 12, Praha 1, +420 608 280 069, 


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