Municipal House | Old Town | Exterior
Municipal House | Old Town | Exterior Detail
Municipal House | Old Town | Art Nouveau Splendor
Municipal House | Old Town | Art Nouveau Light

The Municipal House

The Municipal House is the Art Nouveau gem of Prague. Adjacent to the Powder Tower, the Municipal House is the beginning of the royal mile. It was built on the grounds of a former Royal Court Palace between 1905-1911 and houses a large concert hall. Both exterior and interior are elaborately decorated with Art Nouveau elements and motifs; some of the greatest Art Nouveau artists, including Alfons Mucha, have left their mark on this remarkable piece of design and architecture. The municipal House features an upscale restaurant and a classy cafe where you will receive proper service in a gorgeous setting. Do not miss Smetana Hall in the Municipal House, a true Art Nouveau concert hall!


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 Náměstí Republiky 5, Praha 1, +420 222 002 101,


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