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VIP Cats – Five Star Cat Hotel

Near Kladno, just 20 minutes away from Prague, lies a luxurious complex with an area of 5 000 sq. m., which includes, alongside with the first five star dog hotel & kindergarten, a similarly sumptuous cat hotel. The VIP Pets resort comes with an ideal solution for those who plan a vacation or those who are too busy and are looking for the perfect place where to house your feline. The VIP Cats hotel will provide your furry friends with a most comfortable base and, at the same time, provide utmost care. This five star cat hotel offers comfortable, separate rooms, which are designed to provide the best possible space for relaxation, sleep, games, and romping. All rooms include comfortable wrought iron beds with soft beddings, shaggy blankets, a large climbing frame with playhouses and swings, sisal scrapers, and a great amount of cat toys. The amenities comprise also cat toilets – the toilet type can be chosen according to the preferences of your cat – and a complete cleaning after departure of each guest, including the change of blankets and beddings. Cats accommodated in the hotel are housed in separate rooms and never meet each other, nevertheless, they enjoy all-day fun watching the other felines or the daily events in the garden thanks to the large windows which complete all rooms (the view depends on the type of room). Moreover, a lovely daily program is ensured by the team of friendly and kind professionals, who pay full attention to the creatures by engaging the cats in games and cuddling. The cat guests who prefer to play alone, undisturbed, have a wide range of special toys, which are changed regularly, at their disposal – from common balls and mice to robotic bugs and laser beams. What's more, the hotel provides the guests with a delicious daily menu, which is available in several variations, including granulated, canned and raw cat food. Of course all cats area supplied with fresh water and freshly grown cat grass. In case you decide to entrust your best fur friend into the hands of the VIP Cats team and start to miss him or her / worry about him or her during the time you are apart, cheer up – all the rooms are monitored by cameras so you could watch your beloved pet from all around the world. VIP Cats in a nutshell – a luxurious five star hotel for cats with all top amenities you could only imagine and most comfortable interiors for your best cat friend. 

Studeněves 13, Kladno, +420 733 273 242,, 


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