Petřín Hill

Overlooking the glorious city of Prague is the equally beautiful Petřín Hill, one of the former vineyards of King Charles IV. This is the place to go and relax under a blooming cherry tree during a clear spring day or smell the fragrant beauties in the lovely rose garden on a lazy summer night, and it is also the perfect place to capture the wonder of Prague via your camera. It is a steep walk up Petřín, so if you wish, you can take the cool funicular up to the summer restaurant or all the way to the top of the hill. Petřín Hill also features a miniature Eiffel Tower (built for the for the 1891 Prague Exposition), Petřín Lookout Tower, one of the best observation points in Prague, a mirror maze for children and adults alike, mysterious walking paths that lead to secret gardens, fountains, a traditional Ukrainian wooden church, and even a small waterfall by the adjoining Kinsky garden. A perfect place for a day of relaxing or even a picnic, Petřín Hill is busiest on May 1st, when lovers go and kiss under cherry trees to seal their romance forever. The nearby Strahov Monastery is a treat as well.

Do you wish to stay in an apartment in Prague close to Petřín Hill? Have a look at our Lesser Town Square Apartments that are just a stone's throw away from the lovely public garden, as is Cafe de Paris, a traditional Parisian brasserie serving delicious French fare at decent prices. Petrin Hill is also close to many boutique style Prague hotels in Mala Strana. 

Petřín, Praha 1.

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Address: Petřín, Praha 1

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