Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the centerpiece of every Prague panorama. It overlooks the city and demands admiration. If you ever find yourself in Prague during summer dusk make sure to take a look at the sun setting behind St. Vitus Cathedral. The view is almost biblical. This complex dates back to the earliest history of Prague and is an important political and cultural venue in Czech history. Based on archeological research, the beginning of the Castle dates back to the 9th century and is linked with Prince Borivoj. Since the 10th century, Prague Castle has been the seat of Kings, religious leaders and in recent history, residence of the Czech President. The Gothic cathedral of St. Vitus was commissioned during the reign of Charles IV. As the greatest cathedral in Prague, St. Vitus has been the site for many royal coronations and other ceremonies. The cathedral boasts the royal mausoleum, where the tombs of former Kings and Queens are laid. An important part of the cathedral is the elaborate St. Wenceslas Chapel, where the door to the Crown Chamber, which secures the Crown Jewels, is located.

Pražský Hrad, Praha 1, Hradčany, +420 224 373 368,

Address: Pražský Hrad, Praha 1

In the Neighborhood

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