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If you love cycling, but don't feel like riding an ordinary bike up and down Prague's hilly terrain or the city's lovely yet bumpy cobblestone lanes, why not try an electrical bike ride with Prague By E-Bike? Prague By E-Bike has modern and ecological electric bicycles which enable you a smooth ride on Prague's most uneven lanes and up and down hills without getting out of breath. Two trips with a guide per day are organized. Individual rides take three hours. You start in Kampa in Prague's Lesser Town and ride through fairy tale like streets and along the river. In a short period of time you see almost all of the main Prague monuments such as the magical Charles Bridge, evocative Jewish Town, Old Town Square, Letná Park, Prague Castle, Petřín Hill and others. Prague By E-Bike tours with a guide are suitable for all age groups. Enjoy the gorgeous city of Prague on an electric bike! As of this year the company also offers sightseeing tours on kickbikes and runs a kickbike rental.

Besední 440/2, Prague 1, +420 603 993 393, 


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