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P.A.T.H. Finders - Personal Ancestral Tours & History

If you are interested in your Czech, Slovak, or other Central European ancestry, contact P.A.T.H. Finders. This family business, started in 1994 by Tom & Marie Zahn provides genealogy research for those who are seeking to gain knowledge regarding their family tree. P.A.T.H Finders can help you find places around the Czech Republic where ancestors once lived plus get in touch with local contacts to make the visit more meaningful and possibly locate living relatives. Besides in-depth and clear research P.A.T.H. Finders provides other complex services including obtaining digital copies of archival documents and historic maps, translation of documents, photography of ancestral places and more. If you have living relatives, P.A.T.H. Finders can even videotape the family reunion so you can keep the memories forever. If you do not have relatives in Central Europe, do not fret for P.A.T.H. Finders has a sister tour company, Pathways where you can create unforgettable tours of Prague and the Czech Republic. If you wish to travel back in time and find your family in the Czech Republic contact P.A.T.H. Finders today!

Na Homoli 5, Praha 4, +420 257 940 113, www.pathfinders.cz 


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