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You can experience a truly extraordinary trip with CorruptTour, a unique travel agency offering an unusual form of tourism. With CorruptTour you can see the places that are connected with corruption, and the Czech Republic is unfortunately not lacking in these. CorruptTour offers “the best of the worst”, as its slogan says and you will definitely be entertained! Altogether three different tours, each presented in English, await curious travelers: a trip to corrupt landmarks of the capital city called The Prague Best of the Worst Tour which takes sight-seers on a totally different trek than the usual Charles Bridge and Prague Castle route - this tour takes you to see the monuments of Prague's corruption instead! The second tour offered is a completely unique trip called Hospitals on the Edge of the Law, and demonstrates how three Prague hospitals have infamously made money disappear from the national budget, and finally the Prague Crony Safari tour which will lead you on a crony-spotting safari to see the corrupt "in the wild", their natural habitats, all while taking care to preserve (not provoke) these corrupt personalities. During the tours, you will be expertly led by high-spirited tour guides in snappy official uniforms, clearly designed to poke fun at the "officials" who are so often the subjects of the tours. These tireless and fun-loving guides will always be happy to share a joke or anecdote with you. You will be taken to individual places by public transportation and bus and you will be required to do a bit of walking, so wear your most comfortable walking shoes. The individual tours last about 2.5 hours. Tours are conducted in Czech, English and German, and the latest details of upcoming tours can be found on the CorruptTour website. If you want to discover a new and not yet widespread area of tourism, you can try any of the CorruptTour's excursions to Czech corruption landmarks. A unique experience is most certainly guaranteed!

CorruptTour: +420 739 990 080,


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