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Experience Europe from above – book a private flight with Vector Air and see more of the Czech Republic and Europe. Vector Air offers flights starting from from 400 Euro excl. VAT / hour for 5 passengers. Traveling by plane is a great way to not only see things from a different, exciting perspective – it also is a great time saver. Planning a trip to Central Europe for ten days and want to see several different intriguing places (places that might not have commercial airports for example)? Why take a long train or bus ride when you can charter your own private flight? Vector Air offers comfortable safe flights in their Cessna 206 Turbo Stationair; this brand new, state-of-the-art, high-performance aircraft is the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic. Vector Air offers custom-tailored flight destinations – fancy flying over various Czech castles? Flying to the romantic water city of Venice for an unforgettable dinner? Or maybe flying to gorgeous Croatia where you can land on a lush green island and take a dip in the crystal blue waters or the Adriatic Sea... the choice is yours. Vector Air is also a top choice for business flights – should you have a last minute business meeting in Berlin or Vienna – no problem, simply call Vector Air and depending on the weather you could take off in less than 20 minutes from the time you hang up the phone. This air taxi business bases it's Cessna aircraft at Prague's Letnany airport, just 15 minutes from the city center of Prague. At Letnany you don't have to worry about any normal airport hassles, no waiting and no delays, just the exciting rush of taking off and then immensely enjoying the flight to your destination. Vector Air was founded by entrepreneur Talal Harb Zuhair who was able to combine two passions - learning to fly and leading an aero taxi start up in a new market in the Czech Republic. For flight bookings & client care you can contact Katarína Kralova: +420 774 791 987,; for general information please visit their user-friendly website., +420 722 259 421


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