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Looking for a different way of exploring the gorgeous city of Prague or the lovely countryside of the Czech Republic? If so look no further than Biko Adventures Prague! Rated among the top 15 “things to do” in Prague on TripAdvisor, Biko Adventures Prague offers an array of mountain bike and outdoor tours that range from easy to advanced, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the great outdoors while in Prague. Biko Adventures Prague was founded by a group of outdoor adventurists whose love of mountain biking and outdoor activities prompted them to establish a small, focused company made up of people who are simply doing what they love. Besides mountain bike tours the company also offers hiking, cross country skiing, bike rental (standard – high level bikes), sightseeing running tours and more, plus an eshop where you can purchase whimsical bike-related t-shirts and products (made locally) that make wonderful souvenirs from Prague and the Czech Republic. The easy to advanced biking tours are varied and you can choose from such adventures as The Road to Karlštejn, Prague's Parks, Blocks and Parks, Mountain Bike & Beer and more. For further information regarding hiking, cross country skiing, road biking and even private biking tours, please visit Biko's user friendly website where you can see tour schedules and find out specific information about these amazing tours. If you want to experience all the natural and manmade beauty of Prague and the Czech Republic do not hesitate to get ahold of Biko Adventures Prague today and make your stay in this magnificent place an unforgettable one!

Vratislavova 58/3, Praha 2. Contact: Filippo +420 736 441 710 (English & Italian), Denisa +420 732 809 990 (English & Czech), 


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