Located on the ground floor of the superior Cubist House at the Black Madonna in the center of Prague is the Kubista design shop. This shop is not only wonderful in the fact that it is located in one of the most famous Cubist structures in the world, but also because the shop offers unique Czech Cubist and Art Deco meticulously restored originals and replicas of furniture, décor, ceramics, and jewelry. Kubista was opened in 2002 and has quickly become popular with local and international clients alike. What better place to purchase a souvenir than at Kubista? After browsing around and people-watching in the renovated Grand Café Orient, one of the only Cubist interiors in the world, pop into Kubista and set your sights on something original and Czech - your purchase will be regarded with respect and admiration through the years for its unique clever design. Kubista also offers maps of Prague (specifically mapping out some of the best architecture) and Czech art books. Kubista is a wonderful place to buy a classic Czech design piece to enhance your home.

Check out the newly opened Futurista Universum, a fascinating combination of design shop and cultural center that closely cooperates with the Kubista store.

House at the Black Madonna, Ovocny Trh 19, Prague 1, +420 224 236 378, www.kubista.cz

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Art Deco, Cubism, Czech Design , Eating and Shopping in Old Town

Address: Ovocný trh 19, Praha 1

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