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Lucerna Music Bar

If you ever feel frustrated that there is nothing much happening in Prague on Friday and Saturday nights, you should definitely try the 80s and 90s Party at Lucerna Music Bar, which is conveniently located a few steps from Wenceslas Square. This club night is the occasion when even the usually calm and slightly passive Czechs go wild and dance all night to the sound of pop hits. Those who are tired of dancing and drinking can relax a moment and watch music videos on a large screen and philosophize about how MTV has changed pop culture. The rest of the week Lucerna Music Bar offers live music performed by both Czech and foreign musicians and bands. Some of the top jazz, rock and blues instrumentalists have played here and keep coming back (Robben Ford, Pat Metheny, Laco Deczi, Living Color, Maceo Parker to name just a few). Even if you are not into music that much, Lucerna Music bar is still worth a visit for it's cool layout and slightly decadent atmosphere of a former cabaret. The venue is part of the Lucerna Palace, which was built by Mr. Vaclav Havel, the grandfather of the legendary Czech politician and playwright, more than a century ago. Apart from this club, Lucerna Palace is also home to the atmospheric and architectonically fascinating Lucerna cafe with a good selection of inexpensive drinks, a grand ballroom and a traditional cinema.


Vodičkova 36, Praha 1. Presale tickets: +420 224 217 108. Office: +420 224 215 957. Production & rental: +420 724 337 190,


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