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Cross Club is a uniquely designed venue offering a real crossing of cultures, genres and attitudes in the middle of the Prague quarter of Holesovice. Cross Club offers bands and DJs from all around the world performing on two stages, experimental theater, poetry readings, exhibitions, and Ghettollege, a street university project in which university professors and other recognized specialists lecture on various topics to anyone interested. The main idea behind this club seems to be to give each visitor plenty of options. When it comes to music, you can pick and choose from an array of styles ranging from dub or drum and bass to reggae, ska, punk and world music, when it comes to spaces, you can choose between the pulsing main lounge, the chilled and quiet atmosphere of the cafe where you can munch on affordable pizza on the first floor or even the outside sitting area. Perhaps the most fascinating feature of Cross Club is its interior, which never stops changing. Its fascinating, futuristic design with plenty of awkward objects emitting light of various colors was created and is still being developed by Frantisek Sadra Chmelik and his team. Chmelik, originally an electrician from Turnov, who has allegedly never studied design or been to an art exhibition, is the true eccentric genius mind behind the identity of Cross Club, whose continuing creative activities give this venue an organic and living character and thus make it all the more exciting. Cross club clearly wants to offer its visitors more than an opportunity to hang out on Saturday nights. The cafe on the first floor awaits you with a selection of teas, coffees and other drinks as well as a free movie projection every Wednesday and regular art exhibition openings. On Sundays the club hosts a series of Cross and Art evenings where you can watch a movie or a theater performance or listen to a lecture, also with an option of relaxing and listening to music in the chill-out zone. From this it should be clear that if you are crazy about alternative culture, Cross Club could easily become your second home, if you feel that this is not your scene, we recommend that you at least check out the unique design of this oasis of alternative culture located right by the Nadrazi Holesovice subway station.

 Plynární 1096/23, Praha 7, +420 736 535 010,


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