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Vinograf Senovážné

A real treat awaits for wine lovers at Vinograf – a friendly neighborhood wine bar. Vinograf serves a breathtakingly wide variety of delicious Moravian and Bohemian wines, sure to delight your senses and your palate. This mecca for wine lovers is situated in bustling New Town, on Senovážné náměstí, conveniently located by a tram stop. At Vinograf you can sample the Czech Republic's (mainly Moravia's) varietals in a large modern space that features comfortable seating, a long bar and large format windows – perfect for people watching while sipping on delectable glasses of wine. Vinograf has a lunch and dinner menu, as well as simple cheese and meat plates, although here the food is meant to take a backseat to the wine, so check with your server to make sure you are ordering dishes that complement the drink of the gods. The wines available for tasting come from small, family wine makers with years of tradition, and belong among the best of Czech wines. Should you have any questions regarding wine, simply ask the professional staff at this amazing Prague wine bar – before wine is place on the bar's list it goes through an extensive internal tasting; each staff member must learn it thoroughly in order to give professional advice, from one wine lover to another. If you wish to sample some of the best wine the Czech Republic has to offer, pay a visit to this popular New Town wine bar.


Senovážné nám. 23, Praha 1, +420 214 214 681, 


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