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For those who adore the country of Italy with all its charms and culinary amazingness, there is now thankfully, Prosekárna - an establishment that focuses mainly on Prosecco. The lovely sparkling white wine that is Prosecco is fully enjoyed by all as it is a less expensive version of real champagne and is just as good. Prosecco is produced mainly as a sparkling wine in the varieties sparkling (spumante) or lightly sparkling (frizzante), and depending on its sweetness is labeled by the EU as brut, extra dry or dry. The spumante varieties contain traces of Pinot Bianco or Pinot Grigio. All of this and more you can learn about and sample at Prosekárna, which functions both as a wine bar and gourmet shop. The owners of Prosekárna are self-proclaimed lovers of Italy, which is why Prosekárna exists. Their website even states: “Why Prosekárna? Because we love Italy. We love the atmosphere of the bars and trattorias, excellent sparkling wines, great Italian coffee and Italian design and style.” The urge to share these experiences and feelings with the general public is exactly why Prosekárna opened its doors in Prague. At Prosekárna you can drink different types of Prosecco, enjoy rich Caffé del Doge coffee and taste homemade Italian delicacies. The lovely interior is both stylish and comforting, and will welcome you to stay for just one more glass. Prosekárna is available for tastings, presentations and meetings, corporate and private events, and more. Stop for a moment, enjoy the finer things in life and simply unwind at Prosekárna.  

Slezská 48, Praha 2, +420 775 565 813. Myslíkova 16, Praha 2, +420 774 400 926,   


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