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Chateau Šafaříkova

In the city center of Prague, halfway between Náměstí Míru and Karlovo náměstí, lies an intimate establishment which will surely delight every lover of wine and of the country of France. Prague boasts some really good, select wine bars that offer world class wines - one of those such places is Château Šafaříkova, a family operated business with a pleasant, cozy atmosphere and a great selection of top class French wines. Château Šafaříkova operates both as a small wine bar and wine store. Thanks to that, you can freely decide whether to sit and relax for a while over a glass of wine (or even perhaps a bottle) or to take it away. Naturally, both variants are possible. The friendly and professional staff at Château Šafaříkova will present you with all wines thoroughly so you know what to combine them with, which food completes them harmoniously, etc. The wine bar & store also offers various light snacks including a cheese plate, prosciutto, French dried sausages, the simple, yet extremely satisfying combination of a fresh baguette with quality olive oil, and more. The family team that runs Château Šafaříkova collects the wines personally and imports them, resulting in an impressive assortment that consists of more than one hundred excellent, yet affordable wines from a variety of French regions, such as Bordeaux, Provence, Loire, Côtes du Rhône, Bourgogne, Gascogne, Champagne, etc. Should you wish to shop conveniently from the comfort of your home or office, take a look at their online store and have the wine delivered personally to your front door. And if you are worried that you may not know which wines to choose – no worries -, the wines are presented with detailed descriptions, allowing you to orientate yourself easily in the world of French wines. Pay a visit to this atmospheric French wine bar today, or simply order online. 

Šafaříkova 18, Praha 2, +420 774 744 406,,,


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