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In the popular city quarter of Royal Vinohrady you will find a place perfectly satisfying for all true wine lovers – Wine Society. This concept, situated in a classic Art Nouveau apartment building with an enchanting interior designed by Portuguese architect Marco Maio, combines first-class service, a perfect orientation in the world of wine, and a true love of wine. There are several services at your disposal – firstly, you can visit the extraordinary establishment of Wine Society during any of the informal “afterwork” gustations, which are held from Tuesday to Friday, between 4 PM and 7 PM – an ideal time for you to relax a bit after work and still be at home for dinner. You can also join the evening events and cherish unique wines, harmoniously completed by tones of jazz music, or concentrate on guided gustations by sommeliers. If you want to deepen your relationship with wine, you can join one of the two private clubs. Members of the first one, the Wine Society Club, get a wine package for each month, which is, together with detailed gustation notes and service tips for each wine, delivered directly to your front door (the type and the number of wines depends on the type of the membership). The club members draw also other benefits, including the discounts on goods and organized events, possibility to use the Wine Society space and also entrance to private events. Companies which would like to charm their employees or business partners with something truly exclusive can consider joining the Wine Society Corporate Club. With this membership, you will gain, among other benefits, access to the Wine Lounge and to the whole space of Wine Society, a fact surely to be appreciated by your clients, partners and employees during meetings and contract signings. Alongside with quality wines for everyday drinking, Wine Society offers also true “gems” from their fine & rare wine category. The majority of the wine assortment, which consists of almost five hundred wines, is available in the online wine shop. However, the rarest bottles are reserved for club members. The founders, Regina Chlumská and Martin Filipec, took their experience and principles gained in the field of eye surgery (high standards, focus on demanding clients, emphasis on detail, perfectionism and perfect customer service), and applied them to the new concept of Wine Society. In case you want to please your senses, have an intense experience, enjoy delicate wines from the Old World and America and meet those who are similar to you, Wine Society is the perfect place. 

Korunní 21, Praha 2, +420 720 151 667,,


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