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Bokovka Wine Bar

This intimate wine bar located in the heart of Prague is one of the best places to sample the drink of the gods. Inspired by the 2004 Hollywood movie Sideways and opened in 2006, hence the name Bokovka (translates to sideways in Czech), this wine bar offers an extensive selection of world wines in a wonderful cozy little setting. Reminiscent of a little Parisian wine bar, the ambiance is set with small circular wrought iron and wood tables, charming wall decor, light wood and light grey tones. Your perfect evening begins at Bokovka where you can sample some of the best wines available - of course, should you feel like a larger glass of wine, the bar features select wines that can be ordered by the glass, otherwise this wine bar functions purely as a tasting bar for lovers of wine. Every Thursday night newly opened wines are presented by a member of the “Bokovka Club” , a club that is made up of the head sommelier, a restaurateur, a graphic designer, a modern art collector, two film directors, a painter and a photographer. Should you wish to add some light cuisine to complement your wine tasting, Bokovka serves grilled sausage, a variety of cheese, and homemade bread with different spreads including pig lard and caviar, cod liver, farm butter and Hungarian salami. If you want to spend a fantastic evening at Bokovka, we highly recommend making a reservation, which can be conveniently done online.

Pštrossova 8, Praha 1, +420 222 544 014,



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