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Monarch Restaurant

If you like to spend your free time tasting excellent wines and indulging in delectable steaks in the company of friends, head to Monarch Restaurant. Located just off of Národní třída, Monarch Restaurant is a quiet and pleasant establishment with a simple, yet very elegant interior. In addition to excellent food and delicacies, the attention paid here is, of course, on great wines from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and from renowned wineries all over Europe. The selection of wines, which you can order by bottle or glass, is wide; furthermore, the prices are reasonable, making Monarch an ideal place for tasting parties. The interior is pleasant and intimate, and therefore very suitable for private meetings with family and friends, as well as for informal business dinners or banquets. Guests can enjoy views of the open kitchen with a Josper Grill, where experienced chefs prepare USDA-certified American aged steaks. This certification guarantees the highest quality of beef from the US Black Angus breed, which matures in special refrigerators. Looking for a fine gift? Spread the culinary wealth with Monarch Restaurant with their gift vouchers that you can give to your friends, colleagues or business partners. Enjoy!

Na Perštýně 15, Praha 1, +420 703 182 801,



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