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Futurum Music Bar

Located near the Andel crossroads in the brewery quarter of Smichov (home to Prague's famous Staropramen beer), Futurum Music Bar is a spacious, air-conditioned music venue, easily accessible from the center by public transport and certainly worth a visit. In Futurum you can enjoy the music you love in a sleek interior with an emphasis on round shapes, an interior which reflects the rich history of the venue where you could hear Rock and Roll even at the times when it was hard if not impossible to hear it anywhere else. Originally an Art Nouveau French restaurant with the first electronic bowling alley in Prague, later a puppet theater, Futurum became home to the new, young, wild, avant-garde, provoking and frowned upon music of Rock and Roll and psychedelic rock of the 50s and 60s. The interior of Futurum today is a result of a late nineties reconstruction by studio D'Ivan and mixes the Art Nouveau features with modern, industrial influences. Of course, people do not usually go to rock clubs merely because of the architecture; the important thing is the music. It seems that the pillars of the music program at Futurum are the 80s and 90s video parties every Friday and Saturday (it is no coincidence that Futurum has the same owner as Lucerna Music Bar). The success of these parties is based on the combination of music videos ranging in style from alternative rock to disco pop and a good, lively atmosphere. When it comes to live music, Futurum hosts both Czech and foreign rock bands as well as live hardcore and metal parties. With all of these concerts and DJ nights you can always count on decent sound quality and professional organization. A very enjoyable pendant to live or reproduced music is the unique, 30 meter long bar counter where you can be served a wide array of reasonably priced drinks. Futurum is an attractive option for all the music fans and party animals tired of the touristy Prague centre looking for a venue with a fascinating design, good sound and a hip atmosphere.

 Zborovská 7, Praha 5, +420 257 328 571, www.futurum.musicbar.cz



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