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If you are searching for independent music in Prague, look no further than the MeetFactory. Located in Prague 5 and situated in a spacious old factory, the MeetFactory is a modern cultural complex featuring an art gallery, theater, artist-in-residence programs and a live music venue. The spacious music venue in MeetFactory offers room for up to 1200 people and caters mainly to a young, hip crowd. Musically the offer varies at MeetFactory from big concerts from international and local independent music, to dance and underground parties to small intimate meetings complete with jazz, experimental or contemporary classical music. The music hall at MeetFactory was renovated and updated in March 2010 and was fitted with a high quality EAW sound system and new equipment and was modified to ensure the best acoustic results, making the space one of Prague’s top music venues. MeetFactory is a prime location for live music as it is located off the beaten track, the establishment does not have to worry about noise laws, therefore providing the city with a cool live music venue that does not have to stop the music at 10:00 p.m. MeetFactory cooperates regularly with the United Islands of Prague, Lunchmeat Collective, Bohemian Like you, BiggBoss Publishers, and many others.

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha 5, +420 251 551 796,


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