Pivo a párek

As the name states, this non-smoking pub is built around a simple, tasty concept – beer and sausages. In a land that is famous for its golden beer, and which was famous for its wide variety of sausages during the First Republic, this place is bound to be a success. The bar’s simple concept allows for visitors to enjoy the simple joys of pub life - good beer, delicious sausages, good, friendly service, and affordable prices. The interior is clean and simple, step down a few steps and you will find yourself in the front room where you can purchase a variety of bottled beer to go, a refrigerator full of plump sausages, a few tables, and beer taps offering beer from small independent breweries. The back room offers more tables and during the warmer months there is a beer garden. Pivo a párek offers about six different beers from regional breweries such as Herold, Polička, Žatec, Bakalář and Holba, and four different types of delectable sausages. Pivo a párek is extremely popular due to the bar’s simple concept of good, high quality beer and sausages; see for yourself the next time you are around the Perunova tram stop – pop in and down a thirst quenching beer and enjoy a plump Czech sausage.  

Korunní 105, Praha 3, Open daily 10 - 22.  

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Bars in Vinohrady , Dog-Friendly

Address: Korunní 105, Praha 3

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